Training for under 16's
To train at the seminar you must be over 16.
Training for people under 16 is by arrangement with the organising team. Email Lillsved Aikido Team for further information.
If your child is allowed to train then you need to:
There are many big people on the mat and the team has a duty of care to all.
Costs for under 16's:
If your child intends to train for more than 4 sessions at the seminar then there will be a charge for training. This will be 50% of the adult training fee.

If it is less than 4 sessions it is free.

Why do we charge?
Your child is taking a training place and counts towards the overall maximum number of people that are allowed on the mat.
New Payment Method
This is a difficult year for people's economies. We are pleased to announce that you can now pay for Lillsved in 3 parts. We hope that will make it easier for people to organise their economies. If you are offered a place, an email will be sent to you with payment information that will specify when we expect the payments and the amounts to pay.
Student Home becomes quiet
We will have a new music room next to the reception in HerrgÄrden available for louder activities. This is to make the Student home, just as Parken, a quiet place more suitable for sleeping.
Dan gradings at Lillsved
There will be a test dan grading in the Lillsved Aikido dojo on Sunday 2023-07-23 at 13:00.
The dan grading will be in the Lillsved Aikido dojo on Saturday 2023-07-29 at 16:10.
Please note that anyone that considers to grade at this time should make a note of that in the Other information box in the registration. They must also contact Jan Nevelius by email ( at least one month before the seminar.
Payment for the gradings has to be completed before the grading starts and has to be done in Swedish SEK.
People grading that are members of a Swedish club need to transfer the grading fee to the Vanadis Aikidoklubb account plusgiro 6455570-9. Please state the name of the person grading.
People grading that are NOT members of a Swedish club need to make the payment in cash.
Preliminary fees for gradings summer 2023 for members of Swedish clubs: Preliminary fees for gradings summer 2023 for others: