General information
Whilst we are learning to live with COVID, we still have a duty of care to each other. We are all in this together, and we need to work together to keep our health and wellbeing safe.
If you feel ill or have any symptoms before Lillsved please do not attend, but do let us know. :)
We will require everyone attending Lillsved to be able to provide photographic evidence of a negative COVID test before arriving.
If you feel ill or have any symptoms before the seminar starts, do not attend.
We will accept cancellations with refunds due to Covid up until the seminar starts.
If you test positive after the seminar has started, we will not be able to do any refunds.
When you are at Lillsved if you feel ill or have any symptoms you MUST immediately take a COVID test and not attend classes or mix with others until a negative result is obtained. Your roommate must also test.
Anyone testing positive must limit their contact with others. During the seminar, places will be available for people to isolate. Meals will be brought to your room.
After the seminar, it is your responsibility to arrange for a "safe" place to stay until you test negative and can travel. You may wish to stay at Lillsved, if you do, you must contact the management at Lillsved to arrange this. The organisers cannot provide any help arranging places to isolate after the seminar ends.
In the event of Jan or Jorma testing positive. They will no longer teach classes. The Lillsved team will supply additional teachers to cover the classes.
We are all taking a risk by attending, lets do our best to keep our health and wellbeing safe.
Your responsibility
Our responsibility