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Dates for Lillsved 2019: 21 - 27 July

Prepayment conditions: 21 days after your offer date

Total cost: 6300 SEK/645 EUR or 5700 SEK/580 EUR

Contact email:

The Location
Folkhögskolan Lillsved
PO Address: 139 90 Värmdö, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 541 385 30
Fax: +46 8 541 383 16
Seminar Prices
The combined fee for training, food and accommodation depends on where you sleep.
The accommodation options are: There are only about 30 beds available in the Student Home. First come, first serve.
(For a description of the difference between the room types, please see below.)
A few extra places for families will be available (please request by email).
These prices include full accommodation and Aikido Seminar from Sunday 16.00 – Saturday 12.00.
Booking and Payment Conditions
You need to register through our web site. We confirm your registration by email with a password for the site. When a place becomes available, an email will be sent to you with all payment information.
Booking will be confirmed after we receive the full payment. In order to confirm your place please make sure the payment reaches us before the expiry date stated in the mail with the payment information.
We now have two options for how to pay for the seminar: or The email sent to you with payment information will specify the amounts to pay for each of these options.
If no payment has been received in time we reserve the right to forward your place to the next person on the waiting list.
We will send out an email a while before the seminar to give you an exact balance of your payment. If any adjustments is needed, we will arrange a time for that before the afternoon class on Monday.
Please note that there is no possibility to change foreign currency at Lillsved! There are no ATM's nearby.
Cancellation conditions counting back from start of the seminar:
30 days or more: payment returned minus 600 SEK/60 EUR cancellation fee
Less than 30 days: no return on payment.
Please note that after you have made your payment, the ONLY way you can cancel your registration is by sending an email to
Accommodation and Food
You need to bring your own sheets and towels. Sleeping bags are okay. It is possible to rent a set of sheets and towels for the week. You can also use the washing machines at Lillsved for a fee. Please see below for the Lillsved prices of these.
There is vegetarian or non-vegetarian food available during the seminar. Please make a note in your registration form.
If you have any kind of special food requirements, please note that in the registration form under Food requirements so the kitchen can plan for alternatives.
If you want to prolong your stay before and/or after the seminar, please contact the Lillsved Folkhögskola directly for reservation.
You can also stay at the Vanadis Dojo, situated at Västmannagatan 59, Metro Odenplan. We offer free sleeping-places for a limited number of days. Please contact Jorma for request:
Please note that anything besides seminar lodgin and meals has to be booked directly with Lillsved.
(Please note that these prices are preliminary.)
For information of how to get in touch with the Lillsved folk high school, please click here.
Room types
The standard package includes a two-bed room with its own toilet and shower in the house called "Parken". There are no single rooms available in this house.
A small number of rooms are available in the "Student Home" / "Elevhemmet". This accomodation has a somewhat lower standard such as corridor shared showers and toilets. The Student Home is also known as the Culture House of the seminar. Sometimes slightly more noisy activities are going to occur in the evenings. All rooms have two or three beds. A few of the rooms will be availabe as single rooms if urgently requested.
A few family houses called “Radhusen” are available. Please send a request by email to us as soon as possible if you see this as an option.
Dan gradings in connection with the seminar
A test grading will be held on Sunday the 22st of July at 10:00 in the Vanadis Aikido dojo.
A Dan grading will be held Sunday the 29th of July at 12:00 in the Vanadis Aikido dojo.
Please note that everyone that considers to grade needs to make a note in the Other information text box in the registration. They also must email Jan Nevelius about this at least a month before the seminar starts.
Contact info

In case you need booking assistance or more information, do not hesitate to contact us at for practical and payment issues. Concerning training and grading issues contact Jan Nevelius at